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What apps do people want on their N900?

Posted on December 7, 2010 | 12 comments

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Now the title opens up a whole range of possibilities, but i would like your suggestions and comments.
I really want to know what applications you want, that do not currently exist? and why?

There are now lots of good applications of the Maemo downloads pages as well as many other repo’s dotted around. At last count maemo has reached 54 095 100 downloads! Now that is impressive for a reasonably quiet OS (In the grand scheme of things).

(However Frals seems to be cornering the Maemo downloads market these days with fmms! Update frequently i hear he says!)

So back to my original question… please can you comment on here or email me with what you most most like to see!

Yes, I will be finishing Healthcheck, but i would love to start work on something interesting, inspiring and also…. that can be a good test for me to get things working on Maemo, MeeGo and Symbian!



Even if you are not sure on what app you would really like, is there anything you have seen elsewhere, that hasn’t been done on meego before (Even if you think it is not possible)?

If you have an app you are working on, and don’t want me to use the idea, don’t worry! I’m still really interested to hear what’s going on in the world!

  • Greg Roberts (@gregjroberts) (@gregjroberts)

    What apps do people want on their N900 and/or MeeGo device? via blogpost! #n900 #maemo #meego suggestions please!

  • Lennart

    I would still really be interested in an app that tracks the time you use every app on your phone, every geek loves interesting statistics about things they geek out about :P

    Maybe some data usage stats per app, battery consumption per app, any possible statistic about the apps we use!

    • Anonymous

      Ooo a statistics app! (Sad fact, what I was younger, I wanted to be a statistician!)
      Great Idea…. similar to battery eye and wifi eye? a graph that shows what happened and what was opened at what time?!
      That is superb!

      • Lennart

        Ofcourse including some stealth function so your therapist can’t see how much Angry Birds you’ve been playing :P

        • Anonymous

          Haha…. Its a clever idea, and could/should be easily portable… it would be useful for feedback to show and compare with battery charts too, and also to give a comparison of battery sucking apps :P
          (Maybe an upload feature, so i can collate the average of each app, hehehe!)

  • Lennart

    How about an app that lets you set different text message sounds.
    Like when you recieve a text message, you hear the first few tones of the rocky theme, the text message you reciever after that, you hear the next few tones of the rocky theme!

    Would be funny :P

  • taike_hk (@taike_hk)

    RT @gregjroberts: What apps do people want on their N900 and/or MeeGo device? via blogpost! #n900 #maemo #meego suggestions please!

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  • Bj Sweetboy

    what about whatts up i mean every one whant to stay in conntect right even with crappy phone users like the ipone or blackberry

  • 西川 伸一 (@shinichiN)

    あとで読まない“@hatebu: がっつり暇つぶしできるサイト教えろ – 勝つる2chまとめブログ (77 users)”

  • Gungnir75

    I have a crying need for a functional spreadsheet. And pls not one where I have to figure out the dependencies myself like the Gnumeric port I came across. But yeah,it is not gonna be stimulating to code that.


  • Brazza

    I want a self destruction app for all those iPhones and Droids! Cause i want a fully working DroiD phone myself by now…

    But in the meantime, ill have fun with hacking theirs

    • Anonymous

      hehe! :) – I have to admit -i am looking at getting a new phone… but still so interested in the n900 – since the CSSU… things are better! :)
      Have never used any apple technology – not by choice, but mainly as i don’t like the way they work! (True geek! hehe)

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